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Social Media Experience

  • Online communities from around the world
  • Social Media sharing, Photos, Conversations
  • Like, comment, reply and share posts
  • Build Personal Profiles and customize
  • Email Invite your Friends to join Weedclique
  • Find New Friends, Connect with Old ones
  • Educate, Research, Learn, Grow
  • Have fun, learn and Grow Your Clique!

Building Communities

  • Latest News from around the world
  • Find New Friends, connect with existing
  • Live Chat and Messaging
  • Live Video Chatting
  • Zoom recurring and group Meetings
  • Engage each other in forum topics
  • Private message one or multiple friends
  • Send email Invites friends to join you

Fun and Educational

  • Events calendar for upcoming happenings
  • Games to Play online
  • Instant Notifications on activities
  • Community updates and happenings
  • Search the entire site
  • Feature overview of YERchat.com
  • Upload photos and videos to share
  • Search extensive help on how to get stuff done


Building communities for social media. We are here for you; to help find recommendations, learn about the latest research, medical advancements, changes in laws, become educated on numerous topics, learn about different businesses, products, schedule events, glossary definitions, message, chat and most of all connect with other friends.

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