A Clique is: A group of people with shared interests or other features in common, who spend time together.

YERchat.com is a social media platform for the purposes of sharing and building connections, friendships, and international communities around the world.

This including individuals, consumers, and businesses in and around your clique. Participation is key. Create something together, sharing and contributing to a common goal. Have fun and be supportive.

YERchat.com is a place to share, connect, learn, grow and experience!

We are here for you; to help share your experiences with others. Learn from others, find recommendations, grow your community, communicate and schedule social activities and events. Message, chat, and most of all connect with other friends.

YERchat.com is a place where sharing of information, experiences, and recommendations is encouraged.  It’s your community! Let’s support and celebrate each other and our successes!

Invite your friends to connect, because sharing is caring…

Together we are stronger!

Enjoy Your Communities

Enjoy Your Clique!

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