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Liberty German and Abigail Williams.

Liberty German and Abigail Williams.

But on February 13, 2017, when the two girls set out to hike a local trail on a day off from school, all that small-town charm was ripped away.
When the teens failed to meet Libby’s dad that afternoon for a ride home, a massive search began. Eighteen hours later, the bodies of Libby and Abby were found in the woods, not far from the abandoned railroad bridge they’d been photographing during their hike on the Delphi Historic Trails.

Police believe the girls photographed their killer

Abby posted a photo of the girls crossing the railroad bridge to Snapchat a short time before they were killed.
It was another image Libby captured that caused the case drew headlines across America — a grainy, pixelated blur of a man in a blue jacket and jeans on the bridge. Police believe that man killed the girls.
Indiana State Police released this photo of a man who was on the Delphi Historic Trails on February 13, 2017 around the time Abigail Williams and Liberty German went missing.

Indiana State Police released this photo of a man who was on the Delphi Historic Trails on February 13, 2017 around the time Abigail Williams and Liberty German went missing.

The image changed the streets of Delphi and continues haunting families across Carroll County. The photo was plastered all over the world.
Besides the image, police also have an audio recording of the alleged killer saying the four words that continue to terrorize Delphi: “… guys … down the hill.”
Catch up on the latest in the investigation
Indiana police release a new sketch in their search for the man who killed 2 teen girls

Indiana police release a new sketch in their search for the man who killed 2 teen girls

Four years after the tragic and senseless crime, the killer remains at large and police believe he may be living in Delphi — walking its streets, working, and hiding in plain sight.
The people of Delphi have tried to move forward. But the classroom desks Abby and Libby once occupied are among the constant reminders of the void left by the alleged actions of the man on that bridge.

Grandparents desperate for answers

Becky Patty.

Becky Patty.

Libby’s grandparents, Mike and Becky Patty, have devoted themselves to getting the haunting image of the man known as “Bridge Guy” in front of as many eyes as they can.
Mike Patty.

Mike Patty.

Someone knows who the man is and the couple are hopeful that someone will eventually provide that final tip that law enforcement says is needed.
HLN asked the grandparents to write a letter to the public about the case and their quest for justice. In their own words, they issued a passionate appeal for help in solving a crime that’s forever changed the lives of their family, Abby’s family, and a town that continues living in fear.

‘We are stuck in time looking for a monster’

By Mike and Becky Patty
Delphi, Indiana, February 2021
Abby and Libby were two friends going out to enjoy a nice day on the trails only to never come home again. This was four years ago and the predator that did this has never been caught.
We were asked if we could write a letter to the public for help and what would we say. Well, this is it.
We’re asking the public to give us a minute. When asked to do something Libby would always say “give me a minute.” Now we’re asking you for that minute.
When you are out doing your normal daily life activities, sitting in a restaurant, standing in line at a store, or sitting in the bleachers at an event. Strike up a conversation with whomever is close to you. Bring up the story of Abby and Libby, it may be someone who has never heard about our case, this will help raise awareness. Share the flyer on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram account or whatever social media platform you use. I know it is asking a lot, but keep the sketch, tip line, and flyer in your phone for quick reference. If you know someone that may have been in or lived in Indiana four years ago — ask them to think back. Do they know anyone that started acting different around that time? Someone knows this person, maybe you will reach the person that can identify him.
The investigative team stated they only need one piece of the puzzle, maybe you or someone you meet unknowingly has that piece. Possibly, by bringing up our case will spark something within someone. I know four years is a long time, but we must have hope that someone has the key to unlock this puzzle.
Realizing life goes on, life is busy, people forget. Please understand, at one time that was us also. But not now, we are stuck in time looking for a monster that murdered two young girls. We are only asking for one minute out of your day. If it was your child or loved one, would you think that is too much to ask?
He killed once and could do it again. We realize there are many unsolved murders out there, so maybe in taking that minute you could help solve this or another case or prevent another horrible tragedy, so another family doesn’t live this nightmare in which there is no waking up from. Isn’t that worth a minute out of your day?
We need and appreciate everyone’s help in bringing this to resolution.
If you have information about the case, please contact the FBI:

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